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Mrs. Diane Neeley
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4th District Representative
Phone: 931-685-8053

Diane Neeley
4th District Representative
Board Vice-Chair

 Diane Neeley has served as the 4th District Representative to the Bedford County Board of Education since September 2002, currently serving in her third term.   She holds a Level V (Master) in the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) boardsmanship program and is a member of the All Tennessee School Board.


Diane has been married to husband Kim for 29 years. They have two children, Spencer and Leandra and two grandchildren, Kenadi and Slaten. The Neeleys have lived in the Wheel community all of their married life. Both Kim and Diane, along with son Spencer, are graduates of Shelbyville Central High School and Leandra is currently a junior at SCHS.


Diane received her dental assisting license from the Tennessee Technology Center but retired her license in 1998. She is currently employed as an administrative assistant at Boyce Patterson Livestock Co., LLC.


Diane Neeley – “It has been an honor and privilege to serve my friends, family and neighbors!! As a board member, I have seen many changes that affect education and I am proud of our system!! We have some of Tennessee’s finest educators working with our children every day and while often it is very challenging, they rise to the occasion and Bedford County has long been recognized as an innovative leader. I have worked diligently to achieve recognition at the state level by acquiring Level V status and thus showing my commitment to be the best board member I can be.”

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