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Helpful Links
Educator Links
Tennessee Department of Education

Click the link to visit the Tennessee State Department of Education.

Pitner's Potpourri

Click the link to view the educational blog of Bedford County's own Mary Pitner. Mary shares helpful websites, activities, gadgets, and more!

Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc.

Follow the link to access Harry Wong's site. From here, you can purchase products (both standard and digital), take a teacher quiz),  read reviews, and even access free content.

The Responsive Classroom

Click the link to view this site which promotes "Educators creating safe, challenging, and joyful elementary schools.

Lesson Plan Resources

Click the link to check out abcTeach, a site with lesson plans, interactive activities, and much more.

Education World

Click the link to access Education World, a site with PD tips, lessons, website reviews, and much more.

Lesson Plans Page

Click the link to access Hotchalk's, featuring a search function which makes finding lesson plans easy.

PBS Teachers

Click the link to visit PBS Teachers. This site features online professional development, news, interactive media, and tons of other great content.

Teacher Vision

Click the link to gain access to Teacher Vision's "lesson plans, printables, and more."

Teachers First

Click the link to visit Teachers First, a website with many great lesson plan ideas.


Click the link to vistit Teachnology, a site containing lessons, worksheets, teacher timesavers, and more.

The Lesson Architect

Click the link to visit the Lesson Architect to build lessons and view best practices for teaching.

The New York Times's The Learning Network

Click the link to access The Learning Netwrok, a service sponsored by The New York Times.

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