Retirement of Superintendent Don Embry

EmbryMr. Don Embry ~ 40 years
1981 – 1988 Teacher
Shelbyville Central High School

1988 – 1995 Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Shelbyville Central High School

1995 – 1998 Principal
Deery Eakin Elementary School

1998 – 2004 Secondary Supervisor of Instruction
Bedford County Department of Education

2004 – 2013 Principal
Shelbyville Central High School

2013 – Present Superintendent of Schools
Bedford County Department of Education
Through the years Mr. Embry has coached:
Girls Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis
Thank you, Mr. Embry. 
We wish you all the best...
"Thank you, Don, for all your years of service and making a difference in the lives of so many in this community. Wishing you nothing but the best as you spend well deserved time with your family."
- Mr. Michael Cook, 7th District Representative
"I appreciate Mr. Embry's commitment to education and our community for the past 40 years. His tenure as superintendent has not always been an easy one but he has met each challenge with integrity and strived to make the best possible decisions he could. I wish him the very best."
- Mrs. Diane Neeley, Board Chair & 4th District Representative
"Don Embry
A Teacher ... who was willing to be Taught
A Leader ... who was willing to be Lead
An Influencer ... who was willing to be Influenced
A Presence ... that was Steady
A Friend ... who was Faithful"
- Mr. Glenn Forsee, 9th District Representative

Embry"Anyone can be a boss around here, but it takes someone special to be a leader.  Your leadership taught me quiet contemplation and the ability to make a quick decision, and the knowledge to know when to use each one.  Your contribution to this district has allowed us to progress forward.  We will miss you in the office, but wish only the best for you as you move on to the next exciting chapter in your book!  It is never too late to learn to rock climb, sky dive, bull ride, scuba dive, or you can just take time to contemplate in your easy chair. I hope this next chapter of life brings you endless time to do the things you love! My very best to you always!"

- Karen Scoggins, Assistant Superintendent 

"Mr. Embry, thank you for all you have done for the students and staff of Bedford County! You have been a steadying influence for all of us to follow for a long time! Enjoy your retirement!"
- Charlie Pope, Cascade High School Assistant Principal
"Congratulations on your retirement! Your guidance and support for education will be missed.  Best wishes!"
- Julie Haynes, Special Education Supervisor 
"I will really miss you. After 40 years of service, you deserve time to relax, have fun and spend with family and friends. Enjoy your retirement and congratulations!!"
- Terise’ L Rhodes, Supervisor Student Data Management
Embry"My first introduction to Mr. Embry was in the 1999-2000 school year. I was a first year teacher at Harris Middle School and he was the Secondary Supervisor. I was in need of 8th grade American History textbooks and Mr. Embry responded with providing the books I needed… with a few extra. My first lesson from Mr. Embry was him saying, 'I went ahead and gave you a few more than you needed. You will probably need them.' He was right… I needed them. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Embry in different capacities. Whether as a fellow principal or as my Superintendent, Mr. Embry has always been willing to answer questions, provide insight, or just simply talk about Friday night’s ballgame. The one trait I appreciate the most in Mr. Embry is the trust and faith he had in me as a principal. He probably thought some of my ideas were “out there” at times, but he trusted me and I will forever be grateful. Mr. Embry, you will be missed and thank you for the impact you had on education in Bedford County."
- Tim Harwell, Shelbyville Central High School Principal
"There are people you come across in life who instantly earn your respect, admiration, and devotion. You are one of those people. I’ve worked with many Superintendents in many places throughout my career; you are as fine a Superintendent, and more importantly, as fine a man, for whom I have had the privilege to work. In our short time, you have taught me much that I will carry forward with me. By your example, I have seen quiet contemplation, I have seen the willingness to make tough choices in the best interest of children, I have seen a fierce commitment to what is best for others, and I have seen the importance of embracing life and work with zeal and zest. I will miss working by your side but I hope the coming years will find you surrounded in love and full of fulfillment. All my best!"
- Chad Fletcher, Federal Programs Supervisor
"Congratulations on your Retirement Mr. Embry! I have known you since I was a teenager, and you were my high school assistant principal. I was terrified of you lol. I never dreamed I would work for you as an adult. You have been an amazing boss, supervisor, and friend! Your demeanor, calm spirit, and common-sense approach to situations have been admirable. I remember when I first talked with you about joining Bedford County Schools, you saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. You knew I could be an effective principal and told me you wouldn't let me fail. Thanks for believing in me and equipping me with the tools, resources, and relationships I needed to be successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for you and have felt supported my entire career with the district. I know you will enjoy this next chapter in your life as you have truly earned it! Once again, congratulations on your retirement, and may God bless you in your future endeavors!"
- Xavier Hamler, PreK - 4th Grade Supervisor & ESL Coordinator
Embry"Thank you so much for being an incredible boss. I have truly enjoyed working with you, and I will forever be grateful for all that you have taught me. You have shown great leadership throughout your career, but most importantly, a love of all children in our district. Bedford County is an amazing place, and you have been instrumental in making it so. Enjoy your retirement, and we will miss you! Best wishes!" 
- Sarah Beth Spray, Secondary Supervisor and CTE Director
"Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Embry! 40 years is an impressive milestone for an educator, made even more impressive by your accomplishments in that time. Your leadership, your guidance, and your general presence will be missed by Bedford County Schools. You have touched countless lives over the course of your career, and so many students, teachers, administrators, and community members are better for the work you have done. The business of education is so vitally important, and you have devoted so much of who you are to making education the nest it can be for the people of Bedford County. Enjoy your retirement: You have certainly earned it!"
- Ben Barrett, Director of Technology
Embry"Thank you for being a great principal for my children and an awesome superintendent and boss and friend to me throughout the years! I wish for nothing but blessings for you and Colleen as you start your new chapter! I'm sad to see you leave, but I'm very happy for you to be able to retire and spend more time enjoying and less time working and stressing! Thank you again for everything!"
- Daniel Kleindienst, Director of Maintenance
"Wishing you a much deserved restful and fun-filled retirement. We will miss you!"
- Janet Clarkson, School Nutrition Supervisor