Virtual Learning FAQs

1. What is Virtual Learning?
Virtual learning is a mode of instruction in which students are provided access to high quality instruction, instructional materials, and teacher/student interaction is virtual.
2. How long is the commitment?
The commitment is for a nine-week period.
3. Are students expected to sit in front of a computer for 6.5 hours each day if we are in the virtual learning program?
Students will be provided access to content through their normal class schedule in the virtual learning program. It is not expected or advised that a student spend 6.5 hours interacting solely on a computer. Daily activities can include: live class with teacher, viewing recorded activities, participating in online modules/activities, completing activities in consumable materials, chats with teacher/and peers, etc.
4. Will attendance be taken?
Yes, BCS Attendance Policy and Tennessee requirements are still in effect. Students will be marked in Skyward by the teacher. Students will be marked as “D” for distance learning in Skyward's parent portal.
5. Are students allowed to participate in extracurricular activities if they attend via virtual learning?
Yes, they are eligible to participate.
6. Do I have to have access to high-speed internet?
Yes, Monday-Friday during school hours.
7. Will students have access to check out a device if needed?
Yes, but the device will need to be checked out from the school. It is preferable to have your own device.
8. Will my student have the same teacher as if they were attending in person?
This will be school specific. Students will be scheduled as if they were attending in a traditional format. However, if a school has enough students at a grade level/course who choose distance learning, that school may choose to assign a teacher to distance learning students solely.
9. Can my child come to school for some classes and attend via distance learning for others?
No, students need to either be enrolled traditionally or in distance learning.
10. Will students receive grades if attending through distance learning?
Yes, grades will be taken just as if the student was attending traditionally.
11. I have a child with special needs. How will my child receive services?
As a parent, you still may choose a distance learning option. If your child returns to school, his/her services will be implemented as written in your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). If you choose distance learning, the IEP team will need to meet to develop a Contingency Learning Plan which will address if/how IEP services will differ using an online platform for distance learning.
12. Will students be allowed to participate in Work Based Learning opportunities off-campus?
Yes, if they are enrolled in the WBL course, have a job in the public/private sector, and follow workplace procedures and policies. School level Work-based Learning Coordinators will visit the students’ places of employment as outlined in the WBL Roles and Responsibilities document while adhering to workplace procedures policies.
13. Will students need the same supplies if they’re virtual?
Yes, students will be using the same supplies in traditional or a virtual setting. It would be preferable to set up a learning space for virtual students.