Process for Technical Assistance

  1. E-mail the teacher of the class.
    * Let the teacher know the problem you are having.
    * Examples: Student cannot log into a program; student cannot access the work on an assignment; student has a device that is malfunctioning.
  2. Tell the teacher if you are using a personal or school-issued device.
    * Teachers will respond to the family’s email so that families know that we are working.
  3. Teachers will let school technology liaisons know of problems.
    * If the problem is program-based, then a representative of the school or tech department will reach out to the family to resolve the issue.
    If the problem is with a school-issued device…
                 - T
    he family will be asked to fill out a repair form.
                 - T
    he family will bring the device to school and trade for a working unit.
                 - The technology department will repair the broken device.