Virtual Learning Program Contract

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Student Contract for Virtual Program

Access to the Bedford County Department of Education technology utilized in the virtual program imposes certain responsibilities and obligations. Appropriate use is ethical, honest, and legal.
  • Online students are expected to demonstrate respect for physical and intellectual property, system security protocols, and individuals’ rights to privacy as well as freedom from intimidation, harassment, and unwarranted
  • All district technology policies, which are on the Bedford County Schools website and a part of each school’s handbook, apply in this learning environment.

  • Each student will need access to the internet, Monday through Friday.
  • Each student in a household needs access to a computer or laptop every day.
  • Each student MUST be enrolled in his or her Bedford County school.
  • Students enrolled with BCS Virtual Learning must be highly motivated with good time management skills.
  • Students will be assigned a teacher, but much of the learning and practice will be completed by the student at home using resources provided by BCS.
  • Curriculum and resources are aligned to state standards.
  • Teachers will provide feedback using BCS grading guidelines on all assignments.
  • Attendance will be taken daily to fulfill local and state requirements.
  • Students must remain enrolled in the program through the 9 weeks grading period before they can attend school in the building.
  • Students will be expected to login to the learning platforms daily. Kindergarten students are required to work 4 hours a day. 1st through 12th grade students are expected to work 6.5 hours a day.

Will the student require a school system-issued laptop to complete work?
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Do you have reliable Internet access for all students in your household to complete online work?
Yes ☐ No ☐

Acceptable Use Policy
  1. I will use resources provided for online courses for authorized purposes only.
  2. I will use only legal versions of copyrighted software in compliance with licensing agreements.
  3. I will use appropriate and respectful language in all communications. Inappropriate language or messages will not be tolerated. The online staff will determine whether language and/or messages are inappropriate. The following minimum disciplinary guidelines will be used when determining consequences: first offense, a warning to the student and notice to parent; second offense, a conference with the student, parent and administrator; third offense, removal from  the course with a failing grade. In the case of a grievous offense a student could be removed from the course even if it is a first offense.
  4. I am liable for any improper use of the Internet and/or email. I understand that anything done on the computer can be retrieved and printed at any time. My email, chat, and discussion privileges may be restricted or removed. I am expected to protect the privacy of students and staff and not publish or distribute email addresses outside the class. Any improper use will result in loss of use of district equipment and services. I will follow rules, written and implied, pertaining to Internet etiquette (Netiquette) and communicate respectfully to everyone. I will not attempt to bypass security protocols.

Academic Honor Policy
  1. I understand and agree that all work submitted must represent my original ideas and/or I will appropriately cite all relevant sources if it is not completely original. Failure to do so can result in receiving a failing grade for the assignment and possibly for the course. I may be required to complete the assignment without credit in order to continue in the course.
  2. I understand that no one other than myself can complete any portion of an assignment, activity or exam or make revisions to an assignment, activity or exam. Doing so may result in a failing grade and my immediate removal from the course.
Course Expectations
  1. I understand that all assigned work needs to be completed according to the Due Dates and teacher directives.
  2. I understand that I am expected to communicate with my teacher on a regular basis and read any emails or communications the teacher sends.

I have read and understand the online student expectations and consequences listed above and agree to abide by them. Failure to do so may upon investigation result in consequences up to and including being terminated from the virtual program.

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