Bedford County Virtual School (BCVS) Application Information

Bedford County School System established the Bedford County Virtual School at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. Please read and review the Policies and Procedures for BCVS.  

Bedford County Virtual School Policies and Procedures:


Registration Process

  • Enrollment dates: Registration for BCVS will open in April for the fall semester and November for the spring semester.
  • Permission to enroll after these dates will be dependent on the student’s needs. Permission must be granted by the virtual school principal.
  • Any student interested in enrolling at BCVS must complete an online registration form. The online registration will be located on the Bedford County Virtual School's website.
  • BCVS will contact guardians with information regarding materials, technology, and student schedules.
  • Once capacity is met, students will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Students who are currently suspended or expelled from their previous school or remanded to an alternative setting may not be eligible to enroll.


Criteria to Remain in BCVS 

  • Students must maintain acceptable participation and meet attendance requirements established by the BCVS principal and teachers.
  • The Bedford County Virtual School will evaluate academic and attendance compliance each mid and end of the nine-weeks. Students who fall behind in virtual learning will be required to attend the BCVS lab at the physical school until the student returns to compliance. The student’s second time not complying with academic/attendance expectations will result in the student being required to attend the BCVS lab up to four weeks. Students who are reported a third time will be returned to their zoned school as soon as academically appropriate.
  • Students need access to reliable internet, a computer, and a printer to use for virtual schooling. BCVS will provide access to internet as needed to all students through outdoor access points at multiple locations throughout the district. Laptops will be issued to each virtual student. Computers and a printer will be available at BCVS and BCVS student access to all technology components necessary for their classes.
  • Failure to comply with all academic, attendance, and behavior guidelines will result in a student being returned to his/her zoned school.
  • Your child must remain enrolled in the BCVS school for the entire semester.

Student Expectations 

  • Students will be expected to engage in virtual courses either by participating in the course “live” (synchronous) or by viewing content and engaging with educators and peers at a later time (asynchronous).
  • Students will be expected to be on time, dressed appropriately, and seated in their designated work area with all required materials for live instruction.
  • Students will not be “held harmless” in academics while learning in the virtual environment. Student grades earned in the virtual environment will be added to transcripts and become a part of the permanent record.
  • In order to participate in courses virtually, students must have the necessary computer and technical skills necessary to succeed. Students must also have the ability to stay engaged in the virtual course. By choosing the virtual option, the student/parent is assuring BCVS that the student does have such necessary technical skills and the ability to stay engaged. 
  • Students’ participation in the virtual courses is essential to their success. Students will be expected to participate actively in their courses, with cameras on at all times, and to complete course requirements within the time allotted for each course.
  • Students must use the technological devices supplied by Bedford County Schools to participate in virtual courses.
  • Students in the virtual program will be required to take all benchmark and end-of-year assessments in person as required by state law and district policy. These benchmarks include fall, winter, and spring benchmarks, fall and winter Mastery View Predictive Assessment testing, and TCAP. Assessments will be completed at Bedford County Virtual School and administered by BCVS staff.
Parent/Guardian Expectations
All guardians who have students enrolled in virtual learning will be expected to support both the student and BCVS staff by doing the following: 
  • Ensure the student has the necessary equipment, internet access/bandwidth, etc., needed to participate in virtual learning.
  • Ensure the student does not attempt to access inappropriate content nor engage in cyberbullying.
  • Ensure the student has a quiet learning environment and designated work area.
  • Ensure the student has sufficient time in his/her schedule each day to do the coursework and that such scheduled time will be a priority for the student.
  • Encourage the student to ask questions, to participate in class discussions, and to ask for help when the student is stuck or frustrated.
  • Ensure the work turned in by the student is the student’s own work, and it is not done by or aided by others.
  • Ensure students are dropped off and picked up on time for all in-person learning activities.
  • Ensure student materials are picked up from BCVS in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the student has their camera turned on when it is required by the teacher. 
  • Keep track of all course deadlines and other expectations. 
  • Communicate with the virtual teacher about the student’s progress as needed.
  • Join Class Dojo, monitor Teams, and check email to receive important school-related information.