Bedford County Virtual School (BCVS) Application Information

Bedford County School System has established the Bedford County Virtual School for the 2021-2022 school year. In order for Bedford County to determine the number of teachers and classes needed in each grade, we must know the number of students interested in virtually attending BCVS for the upcoming school year.  Please read and review the Policies and Procedures for BCVS.  

Your child must meet this criteria in order to participate and remain in BCVS.

Your child must remain enrolled in the BCVS school for the entire semester.  Students must return to their zoned school.   


Policies and Procedures


Registration Process

  • Enrollment is limited to 50 students per grade, grades 3-8.
  • Enrollment dates: Registration is open for the first semester. Depending on available seats for the second semester, registration may be open in January.
  • Permission to enroll after these dates will be dependent on the student’s needs. Permission must be granted by the virtual school principal.
  • Any student interested in enrolling at BCVS must submit an online application. The online application will be located on the Bedford County Schools website. A BCVS review committee will review the application and analyze student data/information such as report card, attendance, behavior, and benchmark assessments from the previous school year. The review committee may contact the student’s previous school and gather additional information from the principal and teachers. The review committee will determine if the student is eligible and capable of being successful with virtual learning.
  • Once all applications are received by the established deadline and reviewed by the committee, students will receive a letter of acceptance or denial. The letter of acceptance will provide directions for the online enrollment process.
  • Once capacity is met, students meeting all application and criteria requirements will be placed on a waiting list.


Criteria for Acceptance to BCVS

  • Students must have a C average or above in each subject area/course from the previous school year.
  • Students must be in the 26th percentile or better on iReady (Math) and Easy CBM (Reading)Benchmark Assessments from the previous school year.
  • Students can have no more than 10 unexcused absences during the previous academic/school year.
  • Students need access to reliable internet, a computer, and a printer to use for virtual schooling. BCVS will provide access to internet as needed to all students through outdoor access points at multiple locations throughout the district. Laptops will be issued to each virtual student. Also, computers and printer will be available at the BCVS and access to all technology components necessary for their classes.
  • Students must have exhibited consistent good and proper behavior at their previous school.
  • Students need access to a quiet learning environment and a designated work area. The parent/guardian will sign a  statement assuring the student will be provided a quiet learning environment and designated work area.
  • Students and parents must be available for conferences with the teacher(s) and principal when necessary.
  • Students who are currently suspended or expelled from their previous school or remanded to an alternative setting may not be eligible to enroll.


Criteria to Remain in BCVS 

  • Students must maintain acceptable participation and meet attendance requirements established by the BCVS principal and teachers.
  • The Bedford County Virtual School will evaluate academic and attendance compliance each mid and end of the nine-weeks. Students who fall behind in virtual learning will be required to attend the BCVS lab at the physical school until the student returns to compliance.  The student’s second time not complying with academic/attendance expectations will result in the student being required to attend the BCVS lab up to four weeks. Students who are reported a third time will be returned to their zoned school as soon as academically appropriate.
  • Failure to comply with all academic, attendance, and behavior guidelines will result in a student being returned to his/her zoned school.