BCBOE Welcomes Dr. Tammy Garrett

The Bedford County Board of Education is proud to announce its intention to enter into a contract negotiation with Dr. Tammy Garrett as the next Superintendent of Bedford County Schools.
The Board began the search for a Superintendent in October 2020 after Don Embry announced his intent to retire on December 31, 2020. The ideal candidate would be someone who can unify diverse groups of people; build and maintain high morale among all employees; someone who can build support and pride for our system in our community; one who has the wisdom to know when change is necessary and the ability to generate such change; someone who will seek information and ideas to problem solve while maintaining sensitivity for those affected by their decisions; an educator with a strong curriculum background along with success as a principal or in an upper-level supervisory role; someone who will be a voice for the needs in our system as well as someone who will proudly share our successes with stakeholders.
In addition to the qualities listed, the superintendent should be someone who will support Bedford County educators and their professional growth, listen and understand different perspectives of our community and build relationships within our community.
As Board chair, I, along with my fellow board members, feel confident that Dr. Garrett possesses the qualities and skill set needed to excel. It is our desire that as a system and community we will welcome Dr. Garrett and unite to support her. Ultimately, her success and our system’s success rests on us as a community to be supportive.
Dr. Garrett will be coming from Murfreesboro City School District. Currently, she is serving as principal of Mitchell-Neilson School. She has a diverse background which includes being an assistant superintendent over instruction, Director of Federal and Special Projects, MCS Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, and principal of Hobgood Elementary. She holds an EdD in Administration and Supervision, EdS in Instructional Leadership, MA in Instructional Leadership, and B.S. in Education. In 2001 she was recognized as J. D. Jackson Teacher of the Year, in 2011 Hobgood Teacher of the Year, and 2018 Mid-Cumberland Region Principal of the Year.
The board utilized the services of the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA). TSBA met with community members, staff, and the BCBOE to determine the criteria to initiate the search and presented to the Board three candidates at the January School Board meeting. After TSBA presented their candidates the Board chose to add two local candidates. Prior to the interview process, one candidate withdrew. The Board had four highly qualified candidates. While observing recommended COVID protocols, the Board was able to interview all four candidates. The Board provided forums for faculty, staff, and community members to interact with each candidate and then share their thoughts and observations via reaction forms, email, personal letters, and other forms of communication. The interviews were live-streamed. On behalf of the board “Thank YOU” to each person who took time to provide valuable feedback to our Board members.

Mrs. Diane Neeley
School Board Chairwoman
4th District Representative