Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health

What is SEL?
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process through which adults and children learn to recognize and manage emotions, demonstrate care and concern for others, develop positive relationships, make good decisions, and behave ethically, respectfully, and responsibly. 
What's the mission of SEL?
The goal of Bedford County Schools is to strive to be a district where all stakeholders - students, parents, teachers, staff, school board, and the community - are invested in social, emotion, behavioral, and academic success for all students. Within BCS, we will focus on cooperation, collaboration, and building relationships to create a safe, positive, and healthy environment where all students feel valued and known. 
Why and how?
The goal of our SEL and mental health initiatives is to help build safe, supportive school environments so that we set a foundation for equitable, engaging, and high-quality instruction to take place. This is done by building adult capacity and utilizing SEL best practices to meet the needs of students and teachers.