TCAP:  Know More, Learn More TN
The Tennessee Department of Education gathered input from parents on what they would like to see in a Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) portal to help accelerate student academic achievement. In this TCAP portal you can find the following: 
Your student's scores compared to grade-level expectations
Personalized Student video Reports
Information about the types of grade-level questions on the TCAP
An individualized summary in all subject areas
Historical data
Questions to ask your student's teacher
Note:  To access the TCAP Family Portal you will need your student's unique access code or USID on the bottom right-hand corner of his or her printed state score report, sent home with students on August 25, 2022. If you do not have a score report to reference, please contact your school and ask for your student's state ID number. You'll add two zeroes in front of that seven-digit number to create an account. For example, a state ID 1234567 would become 001234567. 
Need help? See below 3 easy steps for accessing the TCAP Family Portal.