Social Workers

The School Social Worker is a link between school, home and community. As members of the educational team, we promote and support students' academic and social success by providing specialized services. These services have ranged from monitoring school attendance, assessments of student needs, mental and emotional disorders, reporting child abuse and neglect situation and assessing McKinney–Vento homeless students. The school social work profession has consistently focused on coordinating the efforts of schools, families, and communities toward helping students improve their academic achievement and social, emotional, and behavioral competence by using its unique perspective of viewing the person in his or her environment.
Bedford County Schools social workers are system wide covering 14 schools Pre-K to 12th grade. We work on building rapport with our families and students to build trust. We empower the families to work toward solving problems and eliminate barriers that affect the family as a whole. We advocate for students, parents, and the school district. We are a trusted point of contact between student, their families, teachers and school administration.