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Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and Other Files

Expand the folder below to view School Board Adminstrative Procedures.

Folder Administrative Procedures (239 Files)
Sub Folder Section 1 (14 Files)
pdf file ap1600.2-Request for Policy Development-Review
pdf file AP-1.407.1-accesstopublicrecords
pdf file AP-1.407.2-requesttocopypublicdocs
pdf file ap-1.407.2-Spanish
pdf file ap1.407.1-Spanish
pdf file ap1051.1-spanish - Visitantes en las Escuelas_spanish
pdf file ap1106.1-Code of Ethics
pdf file ap1500.1-Citizen Suggestions and Complaints
pdf file ap1501.1-Visitors to the Schools
pdf file ap1501.1-Visitors to the Schools
pdf file ap1600.1-School Board Policies
pdf file ap1801.11-Emergency Closings
pdf file ap1801.21-Operation of School-Age Care Program
pdf file ap1804.1-Drug-Free Workplace Notice
Sub Folder Section 2 (17 Files)
pdf file ap2401_1.1-Annual Report of Gifts and Bequests_1
pdf file ap2403.1-Disposal of School Property
pdf file ap2701.1-Financial Reports and Records
pdf file ap2702.1-Inventories
pdf file ap2702.2-Property Inventory Form
pdf file ap2704.1-Equipment Inventory Action Request
pdf file ap2704.2-Personal Property Acquisition-Disposition Record
pdf file ap2801.1-Petty Cash Expenditure Report
pdf file ap2801.2-Petty Cash Signature Form
pdf file ap2802.1-Payroll Administration-Certified Employees
pdf file ap2804.1-Travelin Expense Guidelines
pdf file ap2804.2-Claim for Traveling Expenses
pdf file ap2804.3-Monthly Travel Claim
pdf file ap2805.1-Purchasing - District Schools
pdf file ap2805.2-Purchasing - Central Office Personnel
pdf file ap2809.1-Solicitations
pdf file ap2810.1 District Payment of Bills
Sub Folder Section 3 (65 Files)
pdf file ap3402.5-Request for Educational and Extra Curricular Trip
pdf file ap3601.1-Personal Afficavit in Lieu of School Insurance
pdf file ap3200.1-Maintenance
pdf file ap3200.2-Facilities Checklist
pdf file ap3200.3- Near-Miss Incident Reporting Program Safety Incident Report
pdf file ap3201.1-Building Safety
pdf file ap3201.10-Report of Student Accident-Injury
pdf file ap3201.11-Reporting Accidents and Unsafe Conditions
pdf file ap3201.12-System Safety Responsibilities
pdf file ap3201.13-Personal Protective Equipment
pdf file ap3201.14-Penalty for Failure to Use Protective Equipment
pdf file ap3201.15-Safety Inspections-Accident Investigations
pdf file ap3201.16-Safe Handling of Incoming Mail and Packages
pdf file ap3201.2-Monthly Inspection Report
pdf file ap3201.3-Fire Drills
pdf file ap3201.4-Procedure for Reported Fire
pdf file ap3201.5-Fire Drill Report
pdf file ap3201.6-Health and Safety Program
pdf file ap3201.7-Training Program Checklist
pdf file ap3201.8-Accident-Emergency Reporting
pdf file ap3201.9-Report of Employee Accident-Injury
pdf file ap3202.1-Bomb Threats
pdf file ap3202.2-Telephone Checklist for Bomb Threat
pdf file ap3202.3-Tornado Drills
pdf file ap3202.4-Tornado Drill Report
pdf file ap3202.5-Earthquake Action Plan
pdf file ap32051-Building Security
pdf file ap3206.2-Fee Schedule for Rental of School Facility
pdf file ap32061-Rental Application
pdf file ap32062-Fee Schedule for Rental of School Facility
pdf file ap3300.1-Application for Use of School Equipment
pdf file ap3400.1-Bus Maintenance
pdf file ap3400.10-Emergency Evacuation Training
pdf file ap3400.11-How to Handle Accidents
pdf file ap3400.12-Principal's Bus Responsibilities
pdf file ap3400.13 Procedures for Obtaining Substitute Drivers
pdf file ap3400.2-Preventative Maintenance Report
pdf file ap3400.3-Fuel
pdf file ap3400.4-Driver's Monthly Fuel Report
pdf file ap3400.5-Driver and Substitute Driver Training
pdf file ap3400.6- Driver Responsibility
pdf file ap3400.7-Assignment of Buses
pdf file ap3400.8-Safe Driving
pdf file ap3400.9- Loading and Unloading
pdf file ap3401.1- Bus Scheduling and Routing
pdf file ap3401.2-Eligibility for Transportation
pdf file ap3401.3- Data for Transported Students
pdf file ap3402.1-Authority for Use of Buses
pdf file ap3402.2-School-Sponsored Trips
pdf file ap3402.3-Special Trip Drivers
pdf file ap3402.4-Special Trip Driver Responsibility
pdf file ap3402.6-Special Trip Fee Schedule
pdf file ap3402.7-Special Trip Driver-Evaluation Form
pdf file ap3402.8- Request for Use of System Vehicle
pdf file ap3403.1-Automobile Use
pdf file ap3404.1-Proof of Auto Liability Insurance
pdf file ap3500.1-Funds and Reports
pdf file ap3500.2-Bidding of Lunchroom Supplies
pdf file ap3500.3-Free and Reduced-Price Meals
pdf file ap3500.4-Vending Machines
pdf file ap3500.5-Food Service Employees
pdf file ap3600.1-Property Insurance
pdf file ap3600.2-COBRA Letter to Employees
pdf file ap3600.3-COBRA Notice to Terminating Employees
pdf file ap3600.4-COBRA Waiver
Sub Folder Section 4 (36 Files)
pdf file Admin. Procedure 4.406.1 - Student - Spanish
pdf file Admin. Procedure 4.406.1-Student
pdf file Admin. Procedure 4.406.2 - Staff
pdf file ap4201.1-Basic Course of Study
pdf file ap4206.1-Homebound Instruction
pdf file ap4206.2-Homebound Instruction Permission Form
pdf file ap4206.3-Homebound Instruction Release Form
pdf file ap4206.4-Report of Home-Hospital Instruction
pdf file ap4207.1-Limited English Proficiency-Parental Notification
pdf file ap4301.1-Safety (Athletics)
pdf file ap4301.2-Athletic Trips
pdf file ap4301.3-Interscholastic Athletic Participation Agreement
pdf file ap4302.1-Field Trips
pdf file ap4302.2-Parental Permission for Field Trips
pdf file ap4302.3-Application for Approval of an Educational Field Trip
pdf file ap4302.4-Band Trips
pdf file ap4302.5-Band Participation Agreement
pdf file ap4302.6-Overnight and Out-of-State Trip Request Form
pdf file ap4302.7-Parental Consent Form for Overnight and-or Out-of-State Trip
pdf file ap4403.1-Library Bill of Rights
pdf file ap4403.2-Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material
pdf file ap4403.3-Checklist for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
pdf file ap4404.1-Duplicating Copyrighted Materials
pdf file ap4407.1-Creation and Use of School and Systemwide Web Pages
pdf file ap4408.1-Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
pdf file ap4408.2-Parent-Guardian Notification Form
pdf file ap4600.1-Grading
pdf file ap4600.2-Homework
pdf file ap4600.3- Lesson Plans
pdf file ap4600.4-Tareas GÇô Deberes Procedimento Administrative
pdf file ap4601.1-Parent Conference Form
pdf file ap4603.1-Promotion and Retention
pdf file ap4603.2-Enrollment-Placement of Students from Private or Home School
pdf file ap4701.1- Maintaining Test Security
pdf file ap4800.1-Pledge of Allegiance
pdf file ap4801.1- Request for Exemption
Sub Folder Section 5 (44 Files)
pdf file AP 51181
pdf file ap5105.1-Recruitment
pdf file ap5105.2-Job Vacancies
pdf file ap5105.3- Job Vacancy Notice
pdf file ap5106.1-Application EvaluationCertified Personnel
pdf file ap5106.2-Application EvaluationClassified Personnel
pdf file ap5106.3-Interview EvaluationCertified
pdf file ap5106.4-Interview EvaluationClassified
pdf file ap5106.5-ApplicationInterview SummaryCertified
pdf file ap5106.6-ApplicationInterview SummaryClassified
pdf file ap5106.7-Recommendation for Employment
pdf file ap5106.8- Employee Responsibilities
pdf file ap5108.1-Supervision
pdf file ap5109.1-Annual Evaluation for Classified Employees
pdf file ap5109.2-TEAM Evaluation Grievance Form
pdf file ap5109.3-Local Level Evaluation Grievance Procedure
pdf file ap5114.1-Retention of Employment Records
pdf file ap5114.11-Teacher Effect Data
pdf file ap5204.1-Letter of ResignationRetirement
pdf file ap5300.1-Request Verification for Leave
pdf file ap5301.1-Request Verification for Leave
pdf file ap5302.1-Certification of Sick Leave
pdf file ap5302.1-RequestVerificationForLeave
pdf file ap5303.1-Request Verification for Leave
pdf file ap5304.1-Request Verification for Leave
pdf file ap5304.11-Request Verification for Leave
pdf file ap5305.1-FMLA Notification Form
pdf file ap5305.1-RequestVerificationForLeave
pdf file ap5401.1-Authorization for Release of HIV-Related Information
pdf file ap5402.1-Infectious Disease Checklist
pdf file ap5402.2-Acceptance of Hepatitis B Immunization
pdf file ap5402.3-Refusal of Hepatitis B Immunization
pdf file ap5501.1-Sexual Harrassment - Complaint Form
pdf file ap5501.2- Sexual Harrassment Complaint - Notes to the Investigato
pdf file ap5501.3-Investigative Report
pdf file ap5501.4- Administrative Hearing Committee
pdf file ap5600.1-SupportPersonnel-DutiesAndResponsibilities
pdf file ap5602.1-Non-TeachingDuties-Extra-CurricularActivities
pdf file ap5602.2-Non-TeachingDuties-BusSupervision
pdf file ap5603.1-StaffMeetings
pdf file ap5611.1-CodeofEthics-Preamble
pdf file ap5611.2-CommitmentToStudent
pdf file ap5611.3-CommitmentToTheProfession
pdf file ap5702.1-StudentTeachers
Sub Folder Section 6 (63 Files)
pdf file AP-6.405.2
pdf file AP-6.405.2Spanish
pdf file AP-6.405.3
pdf file AP-6.405.3Spanish
pdf file AP-6.405.4
pdf file AP-6.405.4Spanish
pdf file AP-6.405.5
pdf file AP-6.405.5Spanish
pdf file ap6.402.2_in_Spanish
pdf file ap6206.1-Student Transfer Form - Grades 6-12
pdf file ap6209.1-Child CustodyParental Access
pdf file ap6300.1-Student Handbook
pdf file ap6300.2-Student Code of Discipline and Behavior
pdf file ap6300.2_spanish-Codigo De Disciplina Y Conducta Del Estudiante
pdf file ap6303.1-Use of Metal Dectectors
pdf file ap6305.1-Complaint Form
pdf file ap6308.1-Rules for Transportation Safety and Conduct
pdf file ap6308.2-Bus Conduct Report
pdf file ap6308.3-Use of Video Cameras on School Transportation Vehicles
pdf file ap6308.4-Notice to Students and Parents
pdf file ap6310.1-Exemption From Dress Code Policy
pdf file ap6314.1-Record of Corporal Punishmen
pdf file ap6400.1-Guidance
pdf file ap6401.1-Health Requirements and Services
pdf file ap6401.2-Plan of Care for Sick or Injured Students
pdf file ap6401.2a-Table
pdf file ap6402.1-Medical Examination
pdf file ap6403.1-Contagious Diseases-Clean Up Guidelines
pdf file ap6403.11-Head Lice Checklist
pdf file ap6403.12-Head Lice Procedures
pdf file ap6403.13-Lista para seguir cuando hay Piojos en la Cabeza
pdf file ap6403.14-Procedimientos para piojos en la cabeza
pdf file ap6403.2-Form Letter to Parents
pdf file ap6403.3-Health Information - Colds
pdf file ap6403.4-Health Information - Fifth Disease
pdf file ap6403.5-Health Information - Impetigo
pdf file ap6403.6-Health Information - Pink Eye
pdf file ap6403.7-Health Information - Ringworm
pdf file ap6403.8-Health Information - Sore Throats
pdf file ap6404.1-Authorization for Release of HIV-Related Information
pdf file ap6405.1-Parent Authorization for Medication
pdf file ap6407.1-Missing School Children
pdf file ap6408.1-Supervision of Students
pdf file ap6409.1-Child Abuse
pdf file ap6409.2-Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Form
pdf file ap6410.1-Emergency Medical Care Procedures
pdf file ap6410.2-Parental Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
pdf file ap6410.3-Report of Student Accident and Injury
pdf file ap6503.1-Programs for Homeless Children Assignment to School Form
pdf file ap6504.1-Programs for Migrant Students Family Interview Form
pdf file ap6600.1-Student Records
pdf file ap6601.1-Student Records-FERPA Notification
pdf file ap6601.2-Model Notification of Rights
pdf file ap6602.1-Record Request Form
pdf file ap6602.2-Record Request Form Approval
pdf file ap6602.3-Record Release Authorization Form
pdf file ap6602.4-Record of Inspection
pdf file ap6602.5-Correction Procedures
pdf file ap6604.1-Media Access to Students
pdf file ap6709.1-StudentFees
pdf file ap6709.2-Request for waiver of school fees
pdf file Medical Release

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