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Duck River Fest
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Duck River Fest

Duck River Fest


The Duck River Fest is an annual educational activity for the fifth graders of Bedford County. It is sponsored by The Duck River Education Committee (DREC) and takes place every year.

 The students are bused to Shelbyville's River Front Park during the school day for two hours and rotate through stations. There are ten education stations that are staffed by experts and professionals from local organizations, state agencies, and federal agencies. Each station is setup to cover one topic about the importance of protecting the Duck River. Below is a list of potential participants for the Duck River Fest and their station:

 ·        Water Quality Testing - Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

·        Shelbyville Water Systems - Shelbyville Power, Water and Sewage System

·        Duck River Mussels - The Nature Conservancy

·        Non-Point Source Pollution - Natural Resource Conservation Service

·        Duck River Fish - Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency

·        Ground Water and Karst - United States Geological Survey

·        Endangered Species - United States Fish & Wildlife Service

·        Duck River Aquatic Insects - Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

·        Riparian Zone - Tennessee Forestry Division

·        River Safety - Bedford County EMA

·        In-Stream Flow Needs - Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency

·        Water-Use Efficiency - Duck River Agency

The students collect data and analyze information, draw conclusions, and propose and implement action plans to enhance the river and riverside habitats.   The project’s innovative design bridges the gap between classroom studies and field work.

Through this educational opportunity students learn about their local environment and how to preserve it for future generations. It is an exciting, outdoor learning time for students that they will remember for many years.

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