Response to Instruction & Intervention (RTI2)

What is RTI2?

RTI2 stands for Response to  Instruction & Intervention. It is an approach schools use to help ALL students, including average, gifted and struggling learners. It is not a special kind of program or book; rather it is a systematic approach to providing every student within a school the support they need on a regular basis.

The goal of RTI2 is to help all students be successful. Tennessee’s vision for RTI2 addresses both academics and behavior, and uses a strengths-based model to systematically provide ALL students with the supports they need to succeed. Various stakeholders from across the state have developed the following guiding principles that provide the vision for an RTI2 framework in schools and also to serve as a reference point for assessing an enacted system:

• RTI2 is for ALL children and ALL educators.
• RTI2 must support and provide value to effective practices.
• Success for RTI2 lies within the classroom through collaboration.
• RTI2 applies to both academics and behavior.
• RTI2 supports and provides value to the use of multiple assessments to inform instructional practices.
• RTI2 is something you do and not necessarily something you buy.
• RTI2 emerges from and supports research and evidence-based practice.