Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department
In Bedford County Schools, the division of Curriculum and Instruction maintains a deliberate focus on research-based practices and a strong commitment to individualized and personalized instructional experiences which challenge each student, including special populations with special needs in inclusive or general-education classrooms. This commitment extends to the district’s parents, faculty, staff, and school/district administrators through high-quality, on-going, professional learning experiences and resources that support the district’s Core Beliefs and make Bedford County Schools distinctly different from other school districts.

Bedford County Schools Core Beliefs
  • We believe that all students can learn.
  • We believe that all students have the right to access grade level, standards-based learning.
  • We believe that all students deserve high-quality, effective instruction from educators with high expectations.
  • We believe all students should engage in academic discourse and productive struggle to support deep learning.
  • We believe all students have the right to life-long learning.