K-8 Summer Learning Camps

Summer Learning Camp 2021 


What are the days of Summer Learning Camp? 

May 24 through June 17, Monday through Thursday. 

*Jun 1-4 will be Tuesday through Friday to accommodate for Memorial Day* 


What are the hours of Summer Learning Camp? 

7:30am-2:30 pm 


Which students are eligible? 

All students K-8 are eligible to attend. 

*Students grades 9-12 should contact their high school for Summer School information* 

Priority Invitation to register deadline is April 9th. 

Open registration deadline is April 19th. 


Will meals be served? 

Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily. 


Will all schools host a K-8 Summer Learning Camp? 

Proposed school sites are as follows (final sites will be determined after the close of registration). 

*If your child’s home school is not a host site, they can attend one of the schools below* 

Cascade Elementary 

Cascade Middle 

Community Elementary 

Community Middle 

Eakin Elementary 

East Side Elementary 

Harris Middle 

Learning Way Elementary 

Liberty Elementary  


Will Summer Learning Camps be offered virtually? 

Summer Learning Camps will be in-person learning only. 


Can Pre-K students attend Summer Learning Camp? 

Pre-K student cannot attend Summer Learning Camps. 


Are special education students eligible for Summer Learning Camp? 

Yes, accommodations will be provided. 


Is there a cost to attend? 

There is no cost to parents for a child to attend Summer Learning Camp. 


Will SACP be available? 

SACP is open at Southside Elementary and operates from 6:00am to 6:00 pm daily.  There will be bus transportation provided in the morning and afternoon if needed from SACP to the Summer Learning Camp sites.  There is a fee associated with SACP.   Please contact SACP for more details. 


Will attendance be taken? 

Yes, attendance will be taken daily for program/data tracking purposes only.  


Will transportation be provided? 

Yes, buses will be running to and from Summer Learning Camps. 


Will grades be recorded? 

No, grades will not be recorded during Summer Learning Camp. 


What will the focus of study for Summer Learning Camp? 

Summer Learning Camps will provide the following units of study 

2 hours Reading 

2 hours Math 

1 hour of intervention 

1 hour of Physical Activity/Play 

1 hour of STREAM programing (Science, technology, Reading, Engineering, Art & Math) 


We have a vacation planned during the Summer Learning Camp.  Can my child still attend?

We know that vacations are planned many months in advance, please do not let that stop you from signing up!