Student Health Services



Healthy, Happy, and Wise! 

Healthy kids make better students,
and better students make
healthy communities.

- Centers for Disease Control


Questions or comments concerning policies and procedures of CSH should be addressed to the School Health Coordinator, Dee Crabtree.



The Mission of Bedford County's Coordinated School Health

To provide a coordinated approach to school health that strives to improve student's knowledge and attitude about health, as well as empower them to achieve academic success and life-long health.



What is Coordinated School Health (CSH)?

CSH is an effective system designed to connect children's physical, mental, and social health with education in order to improve their capacity to learn. This comprehensive system focuses not just on healthy food and regular physical education, but also encompasses how health interplays with the environment, community, family, teachers, and social services.



Statewide Goals of CSH:

  1. Establish state and local partnerships that are necessary to implement the CSH model on a statewide basis.
  2. Maximize the extent to which state agencies, local agencies, and the general public understand the crucial  importance of student health and wellness to lifelong learning.
  3. Maximize the ability of school communities to adopt and implement the CSH model by providing appropriate  and necessary resources tailored to the needs of each school community.
  4. Promote a healthy school environment in Tennessee school communities.
  5. Foster accountability for CSH implementation in school communities.