Family Life Curriculum

Bedford County Schools' 6th through 9th grade students will participate in Family Life courses. This is in compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1302 that mandates that Tennessee school systems implement a Family Life Curriculum for students. Our goal in Bedford County Schools is to provide this instructional content based on age appropriateness and in accordance with Tennessee standards. All students will participate in these courses unless a parent or guardian requests in writing for their child(ren) to be exempt from these courses. Students may be exempt from the Family Life courses according to Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1305: "A parent or guardian who wishes to excuse a student from any portion of family life shall submit, in writing, to the student's instructor, school counselor, or principal. A parent or guardian who wishes to excuse a student from all portions of family life shall submit a request in writing to the student's principal. A student who is excused from any or all portions of family life shall not be penalized for grading purposes if the student satisfactorily performs alternative health lessons."  


In Bedford County Schools, students receiving Family Life instruction will be engaged in using the Choices that Challenge curriculum materials. These materials are in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1304 and is an "abstinence-based" program. The goal of Choices that Challenge is to teach young people the importance of making wise choices, how to stand against peer pressure, and how to learn to say “no.” The curriculum is developed from Abstinence & Marriage Education Resources, Human Relations Media, and the State of Tennessee. The program is character based and abstinence only.  


Bedford County Schools utilizes the support of First Choice, under the direction of Angela Rasnick, to assist in teaching the Family Life Curriculum, which is in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1303.  

 A list of Family Life topics is listed by grade level for parental review: 


6th grade:  


Healthy Bodies 

Healthy Relationships 


7th grade: 


Decision-Making & Impact 

Power of Social Media 

Establishing Boundaries 


8th grade: 



Media's Impact 

Strong Relationship Building 


9th grade: 

Dangers of Media